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                   "The index is amazing - it is really thorough and exceptionally
                    well done. I am very impressed."

                                                                                            James Genova



I create back of book and Word embedded indexes using dedicated indexing software. I read the entire book at least twice while making entries for terminology and locators, and editing for structure and usability. My clients include authors and academic presses from around the world and first-time authors appreciate my explanations of processes. 

When choosing terminology, I consider the range of audiences for your book so that experts in your field, students in early stages of learning and those from other fields can all find what they are looking for. The small gems of research you have discovered are included as well as all the key concepts, theories and authors cited in the text.

          o  back of book indexes (standalone) 

          o  Word embedded indexes (Cambridge University Press and others)

          o  scholarly books in the humanities

          o  consultation with authors writing their own indexes

          o  rush jobs are considered

You will receive the index formatted to the specifications of your press at our agreed upon date, which will give you a few day for review in case there are revisions needed. 


I index scholarly texts in the humanities and social sciences that explore how our minds work, how we navigate the world,  ideas that can instigate change or involve making meaning through sight and sound such as music, film, fashion and the visual arts. 


In addition to scholarly texts I index exhibition catalogues. Trade publications on the intersection of art and science, current affairs, true crime, feminism, detailed investigations of a narrow topic and biographies, especially those of women are also of particular interest to me. 

                       "Lisa crafted a superb index for my academic monograph.

                        The index is thoughtful, thorough, and consistently effective.

                         I would readily choose to work first with her on future projects

                         and would recommend her services strongly."

                                                                                             George C. Grinnell


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